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We are a brand and communications agency focused on forming strong creative partnerships.

We develop brand strategies that help organisations realise their business objectives.

We practice our craft in London and Geneva for clients in the UK, France and Switzerland.

We enhance brand value with well executed visual solutions that people connect with.

We thrive on the enjoyment of delivering what we do and find that people like working with us.

We help you to define who you are and then tell the world all about it.

Accelerated Brand and Campaign Development



Design Thinking

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UX / UI Design

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Stationery Design

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Post Production


Our success is based on your success, so we work hard to help you succeed.



At The Brand Apart we believe great brand building originates at the core of your organisation. From its founding purpose through to your current market ambitions, we help you articulate the essence of who you are, what you do and what you are trying to achieve. We align your brand strategy to your business objectives, giving you the confidence to realise a stronger sense of identity from within your organisation.



Commercial success is dependent on building meaningful and enduring emotional connections with all of your customers. We ensure you deliver a consistent brand experience by focusing on the promise, the experience and the memory across all of your services, in all of your markets. This creates sustainable brand loyalty by maximising the strength of the relationships you make.



Increased marketing noise and multiple delivery channels present a more challenging landscape for you to succeed in. This means you have to work smarter to distinguish who you are and what you stand for. We craft precise visual solutions built on your brand story and deliver them across the right channels at the right time. This establishes the connections you need to make your brand stand apart.

Committed to accelerating projects, we work smart to drive your projects forward.

Accelerating change is something we have always been passionate about. We have been fortunate to work with some amazing organisations, across a variety of sectors, helping them implement positive change quickly. We know how frustrating and expensive brand and communications projects can be so we developed a methodology focused on taking that pain out of the equation. This gets your brand engaging with the relevant stakeholders more quickly and effectively.

Our XLBDTM methodology is built on developing and delivering brand and communications projects within very short timeframes. We do this by designing and hosting in-depth sessions with our clients and their teams to: develop a comprehensive understanding of the journey their brand needs to take, agree and make the key decisions associated with this and, most importantly, build on the experience and know-how of how to make that journey possible.



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