E-ELEVEN Limited

E-ELEVEN is a specialist supplier in the peristaltic pump and tubing industry, committed to the innovation and delivery of fit for purpose solutions for a worldwide client base that covers numerous application areas from Aerospace, Bio Tech, Medical and Pharmaceuticals to Utilities, Agriculture, Construction, Printing and Water & Waste.

To establish themselves in the marketplace E-ELEVEN needed a distinct identity that reflected a human centric ethos which could be easily applied across various collateral, packaging and transportation applications.

E-ELEVEN Brochure

A key focus when developing the identity was to establish a suite of devices to meet the needs of each deliverable whilst maintaining a coherent brand voice.

E-ELEVEN Stationery
E-ELEVEN Tubing List E-ELEVEN Templates

The new brand system was applied across corporate stationery and key delivery templates to provide a consistent customer experience at each touchpoint.



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